Demolition Time!

With the recent completion of the workshop/bus parking, the P.E.T. Project has been able to move their equipment into the new space. Demolition has now begun on the areas of the Sanctuary building that will be renovated! Although you may not be able to see the physical work happening, there is much activity going on inside the building!

As you can see from the photos below, much of the original brick was exposed during the demolition. The photos show Promiseland and the Youth Room.

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The Story of the Workshop and Bus Parking

On August 10th, the congregation was given a presentation (after the first Wednesday dinner of the season about the process and completion of the Workshop and bus parking. Below is the slideshow that was presented. It’s a great representation of all the hard, volunteer work that was put into making this project successful!

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Moving Right Along on the Workshop!

Volunteers from Memorial and from around the community have been making great progress on the MUMC workshop and bus shed!

All the interior walls & ceiling are installed and the 1×4 crown molding is almost complete. Door casings on the interior are half way complete while spackling is well under way on interior walls.

This week, the siding materials will arrive and the molding will be complete.The interior walls will be painted a light gray.

Thanks to all our amazing volunteers, we are moving right along on the workshop.


Church Conference Vote was Held Tuesday, May 17th

     On Tuesday, May 17th, MUMC held a Church Conference, presided over by Rev. Bruce Jones. The conference was held to have a confirmation vote on the building process and funding, as required by the lender. Updates to the renovation process and a financial status update were presented by the Building Committee, Finance Committee, Trustees and the architect. 110 members of MUMC voted on the 4 ballot items as follows:
Vote #1, Master Plan: Updates since August:
a. Columbarium location in existing Courtyard space between 3-Story Sanctuary Building & Partin Center.
b. Additional green space/youth play area beside 3-Story Sanctuary Building where workshop is now.
Q Do you confirm the use of the updated Master Plan Concept drawings as the guiding document moving forward with MUMC Campus building plans?
      Vote Passed with a Yea/Nay verbal response

Vote #2, Funding of Phase 2: 

Maximum $ to borrow to renovate the Interior of the 3-Story Sanctuary Building, including the construction and installation of a Commercial Sized 3-Story Elevator Tower and the necessity of another Capital Campaign.
Q: Do you authorize the acquisition of a construction loan not to exceed $2 Million to continue the delivery of the next Phase of the Master Plan, and do you acknowledge that another Capital Campaign is necessary to retire any debt from Phase 2 and raise monies for future phase?

        Vote Passed 94 yes to 16 no 
Vote #3, Phase 2 Components and maximum cost:   
Phase 2 includes:  (1) Completion of the Workshop and covered Parking for Bus and (2) The Renovation of the Interior of 3-story Sanctuary Building, including the construction and installation of a Commercial Sized 3-Story Elevator Tower.
Q: Do you authorize the Building Committee working with Trustees, Finance, and the Church Council to manage and direct the work on Phase 2, with an estimated cost not to exceed $3.005 Million?

       Vote Passed 95 yes to 15 no

Vote #4, Trustees Authorization:
Q: Do you authorize the Board of Trustees of Memorial UMC, in accordance with Par. 2541 of the 2012 Book of Discipline, and working with the Building Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Church Council, to take all necessary steps to carry out the actions approved by the Church Conference on May 17, 2016?
       Vote Passed with a Yea/Nay verbal response 

The Prayer Walk Was Held April 24th.

        If You Missed it, Join the Virtual Prayer Walk!

On April 24th, after the 11:00AM Worship Service, the Growing in Grace Connections Group organized a Prayer Walk around the Church Campus. Members of the church family started in the Sanctuary and walked around the campus, stopping in each room that would be affected by the Sanctuary closing in May. They said prayers together and personal prayers for the room, the construction workers, the people that would be using it and for our church.

If you would like to virtually walk through the church and participate in these prayers, click HERE to open our MUMC Virtual Prayer Walk.