Growing in Grace: Planned Renovations and Construction at Memorial in 2016


Workers began laying the foundation for the workshop and bus parking behind Maxwell Hall last week. Now, it’s time for the new workshop and bus parking to be constructed.
     There are parts of this job that volunteers skilled in building and woodwork will be needed for. This Saturday at 8:00AM, a group will meet in Maxwell Hall and have breakfast with the United Methodist Men. After breakfast, the group will have a brief training and begin work! Lunch will also be provided for the volunteers by the Yokefellows Group.
     Work days will be on Saturdays, April 16th, 23rd and May 7th. If you are interested in helping with this building project, please email:





New Railings!

stairs.jpgNext time you walk up the front steps of the church into the sanctuary, you’ll have brand new railings to hold on to! The first part of the new railings were installed before Christmas Eve. On Thursday, workers were installing the second half of the railing! They look great and are a wonderful and SAFE addition to our front steps

Landscaping and Camels!

You may have noticed that the camels were moved from the left side of the Sanctuary this week. (they visited Baby Jesus a little early!)

It was so grading, irrigation and landscaping could be done in that area. You can see the “before” shot above. If you were not able to see the “after” on Christmas Eve, here are a few shots of the amazing work that was done!

Exciting News!!!


checkAs per the vote on August 26th, MUMC sent a check this week to pay off the loan for Phase 1. This was the loan that paid for the Maxwell Hall roof, the Parsonage upgrades and a portion of the Sanctuary exterior.
This loan was acquired from the Florida United Methodist Foundation because of the favorable rates and their experience with church renovations and construction. For the next loan, we will also look to acquire it through the Foundation.

Growing in Grace Church Conference Update

We had a wonderful turnout for the Church Conference on Tuesday where we voted on the next steps for the the Growing in Grace building campaign. 123 members were there to vote. The conference was presided over by Rev. Bruce Jones. Many people asked questions and wanted further information before they voted. There was a very positive discussion before the vote. In the end, all of the proposals passed. Here was the vote tally:

20150825_183529_resized 20150825_192837_resized
Vote #1, Master Plan: To confirm the use of the updated Master Plan Concept drawings (Presented on August 25th) as the guiding document moving forward.
Vote #1-  PASSED,   YES-104   NO-19

Vote #2, Phase 2: Authorize the Building Committee to prioritize and manage the work on Phase 2 with an estimated cost not to exceed $3Million.

Vote #2- PASSED    YES-104   NO-19

Vote #3 A & B Finance: A) Affirm that we need another capital campaign to cover Phase 2. B) Authorize the acquisition of a construction loan (not to exceed $2Million) to continue the development and delivery of the Master Plan.
Vote #3-PASSED     YES-106   NO-15

Vote #4, Trustees: Authorize Board of Trustees of Memorial UMC, in accordance with Par. 2541 of the 2012 Book of Discipline, and working with the Building Committee and Finance Committee, to take all necessary steps to carry out the actions approved by the Church Conference on August 25th, 2015.
Vote #4- PASSED    YES-108   NO-7

Church Conference for Growing in Grace Vote: August 25th

Church Conference, August 25th to vote on the “Growing in Grace” Next Steps

On August 25th at 6:00PM MUMC will hold a Church Conference to allow the congregation to vote on the proposed next steps for the Growing in Grace building campaign.

Before the vote on the 25th, the Building Committee and Church Council will offer two options for the congregation to attend listening sessions where details about what is being proposed and voted on will be given. Option one is immediately after the first Wednesday Dinner of the season, on August 12th at 6:00PM in Maxwell Hall. The listening session will be the program for the evening in lieu of all adult or youth classes. Option two is Sunday, August 16th at 12:15PM. A light lunch will be provided.

It will be helpful for those who want to vote on August 25th to attend one of the sessions. This will allow time to learn about the proposals and ask any questions before the day of the vote. As with any church conference, you must be an MUMC member to vote. If you are interested in joining the church before the vote, please contact Sarah Flint at

More Scaffolding is Gone! :)

Surprise! Notice Anything Different? #Progress!
The scaffolding on the sanctuary is coming down earlier than expected! (and you can really see the new cross and flame well now!) The work repairing the bricks and drainage as well as the paint updates is coming to an end! The scaffolding will come down completely next week. The windows should be complete VERY soon and will be re-installed from the inside of the Sanctuary.